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Hi, welcome to my first post.  Portland sign

We are a shuttle service in the city of Portland.  And I will admit that I am a little biased but I really do love this amazing city of Portland.   Check out the website and you will see all the amazing things the city has to offer.  I don’t know if you heard me but I love this city like you would not believe.

It has so many great things to offer.  I really love to pick people up at the airport and they always ask me what should they do while they are in town here and I always have two places that they have to visit and they are:

  1. Voodoo donuts
  2. Salt and Stray

Yes, I know they are tourist attractions but they are absolutely amazing places.  So the first place I drive people is one of the two places.  And I said it once and I will say it again these two places are the two best places to go visit in Portland if you are a tourist or a local you have to go.

My vehicles and my services are the best in around and I am willing to back that up anywhere.  I will drive anyone anywhere and I mean that.  Granted I will not do it for free but I will drive anywhere.

My vehicles are very well maintained and are serviced by the best around.  So if a breakdown does happen which it never really does you will be backed up with a new vehicle in a matter of minutes.  We have the biggest fleet in town so we can service anyone anywhere.

Uber does not affect our business at all.  They are amateurs when it comes to the city of Portland.  We know the city and we know the people.

Again this city has so much to offer.  I don’t know why anyone would not want to come and visit this city let alone live in it.  The suburbs hold nothing on the city because that is where all the action is at and that is where most of my business comes from.

My main fleet consists of town cars and if you need a town car or any type of town car then we are the place you need to look at first.  Granted sometimes we do sell out but that rarely happens so call us no matter how late you night think it is.

We also have limousines which cost more and if it homecoming or prom season forget about trying to book a last minute ride because these high school students book way ahead.  If you just need a quick ride from or to the airport then we are always willing to find a way to get you there.

Our party buses are the best and they are usually always available so please call us if you need a party bus.  They are actually the best and the most fun because they hold the most people and can just go anywhere or you can stay and party in the bus which a lot of people end up doing because they are the most fun.

As I have been saying again and again we are the best in the Portland and we always will be.  So just call us and book with us because will take care of you and your friends.

Our shuttles will never leave you stranded.

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